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Conference Series LLC Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 7th International Conference & Exhibition on Physiotherapy & Physical Rehabilitation
Rome, Italy.

Day 1 :

Keynote Forum

Martine Samé

Campus Sante Porte de Paris, France

Keynote: Normative plasticity in physiotherapy: A scientific and ethical key issue
Physiotherapy Conference International Conference Keynote Speaker Martine Samé photo

Martine Samé started her career as a Teacher of French language and literature in England and of English language in grammar schools in Haute-Savoie, France. She
then followed studies in Physiotherapy and specialized in re-education and rehabilitation. She worked 20 years in Paris region, both as a Physiotherapist and as a Teacher
of Physiotherapy. She still teaches Physiotherapy and has been appointed as Director of the Collection Philosophy, Ethics and Health in 2016. Since gaining Doctorate in
Educational Science and Philosophy, she has spent several years researching and joining discussions on ethics with health professionals and philosophers, concerning
the theme of what philosophy can bring to the world of functional re-education and rehabilitation. Over the last ten years she has taught, and drawn attention to the
relevance and importance of this approach, especially through the publication of her thesis in practical philosophy and through writing of articles and books on the subject.


Normative plasticity in physiotherapy: A scientific and ethical key issue
Physiotherapy and ethics are often considered as two different and opposite worlds, whereas their common rigorous constant
quest for a better life makes them a single rational approach in a rehabilitative process. In order to illustrate the importance of a
combined physio-ethical treatment to gain excellence in physiotherapy, the field of plasticity will be explored in the light of neuro
scientific research and philosophical expectations. The ethical requirement that human dignity should be respected, specifically
every one’s mental and biological ability to create and choose new norms and paces of life, will be related to some principles of neural
plasticity to apply in our physiotherapy practice. This perspective demonstration will thus discuss evidence that such a plasticity
strategy, when taking into consideration the normative human capacity as a whole, provides essential key issues to help health
professionals and patients invent a more individualized functional space to adapt to and to live in.

Physiotherapy Conference International Conference Keynote Speaker Simon Allen photo

Simon Allen has obtained his PhD in Medicine in 1978. For over 14 years he worked and subsequently headed a hospital’s cardiovascular department and treated
patients with renal diseases. He had authored many scientific articles on metabolic disorders, including those linked to obesity, kidneys, arthritis, cardiovascular and
gastroenterological diseases. He has lectured Medical Doctors pursuing higher medical qualifications. He then devoted nearly two decades to further medical research into
various chronic internal diseases. He has established Fine Treatment, UK and is the author of the origin of diseases theory and the inventor of effective physiotherapeutic
devices which enable the thermo balancing therapy.


Thermo balancing therapy® (TT) and Dr. Allen’s therapeutic device (DATD) is a completely new treatment for benign prostatic
hyperplasia (BPH). Nearly one in four men will suffer from BPH over their lifetime. BPH isn’t a life threatening condition
therefore; it should be treated safely in the first place. Unfortunately, all BPH drugs have serious side effects. At the same time Dr.
Allen’s Device has no adverse side effects. DATD provides therapy, which is based on a new understanding of the origin of diseases,
which underlines that all chronic internal diseases have the same root, the pathological activity of capillaries. As a result of changes
in the small blood vessels, the focus of hypothermia becomes a continuous trigger in the affected tissue, which gradually increases
the pressure in the affected organ that can lead to this problem. A natural thermo element in DATD accumulates the body heat and
becomes a source of energy itself. DATD applies a thermo element to the coccyx area, eliminating the focus of hypothermia. The 10
year empirical data show that men around the world, in different climates have reversed prostate enlargement by using Dr. Allen’s
Device as mono therapy. A clinical trial of TT with DATD in 248 men with BPH demonstrates that the prostate volume decreased
in the treatment group 124 men from 45.1 mL to 31.8 mL and urinary symptoms score from 14.3 to 4.7. There were no changes
in 124 men with BPH in the watchful waiting control group. Thus, TT is an effective tool for enlarged prostate thatch reverse the
enlargement without adverse side effects. The cost of DATD is less than $200 with guaranteed delivery, compares favorably with the
cost of conventional treatments for BPH. Furthermore, TT with DATD can be used as preventative measure for BPH development
and progression.